Rest well, and enjoy your holiday with a smile!

Hotel Terme Patria offers double and single rooms on four floors with all the comforts of a three-star hotel. Discover them all.
1-4 person

Located between the first and third floors, it has a small terrace and a view of the garden. It is the most spacious room, with t

Utilize our services to unwind and revitalize

“Learn through the senses and grow through the heart”

Thermal cures

100% natural thermal cures have been patented and 'positively reviewed' for more than 2,000 years!

Wellness Centre

This is our special space on the first floor, dedicated to the Goddess of Love, shrouded in sunlight that enters through the dome and radiates into the surroundings, made of natural materials and soft colours

A trip full of flavor!

We enjoy looking after our visitors, especially at the table! Attention to the needs of visitors with allergies and other dietary requirements; authentic flavors, tradition, and creativity


We give the best for your awakening: we "serve" sprint and good cheer for your day.


Regional flavours, local products, and lots of creativity—welcome to the table!

Lounge Bar

This is the place to meet, socialise, and enjoy aperitifs and after-dinner drinks with friends


It offers a selection of cold drinks, aperitifs and cocktails, wines both by the glass and bottle, and coffee.

Thermal water, beneficial water jets, and pure regeneration.

In our SPA, the two communicating indoor and outdoor thermal pools are the true source of your body-mind well-being.