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Hotel Terme Patria is ideally located both for visiting Abano Terme, Europe's most important thermal town, and for a trip into the green Euganean Hills to discover mediaeval villages, walled towns, hermitages and abbeys, Venetian villas, and castles.

Here are a few tips:

Abano Terme

Take a walk in the pedestrian area, full of life. Go as far as Colle del Montirone, with its marvellous portal by Jappelli, a symbol of Abano’s connection with thermal water since Roman times.

Also worth a visit is the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, founded in the second half of the 10th century as the city’s main religious building.

Hamlet and Donato Sartori International Mask Museum

Unique in the world for the masks housed and used for comedy and theatre.

Villa Bassi Rathgeb

Renovations were added to the 16th-century layout in the 18th century. Illustrious personalities, including Eugene Beuharnais, Napoleon’s stepson and viceroy of the Kingdom of Italy, were hosted there. Today, it houses a museum. A new, well-equipped equestrian centre is located in the adjoining park.

Important places of faith and history.

11th-century Praglia Abbey The work of the monks is recognised throughout Europe for the restoration of ancient books. Guided tours. A word of advice? Stop by the shop!

Sanctuary of the “Madonna della Salute di Monteortone“, built in 1428 as an ex voto for deliverance from the plague

The Benedictine Monastery of San Daniele (1075), located on the mountain of the same name, is home to cloistered nuns. It is possible to visit the church, a panoramic loggia, and some rooms on the ground floor.

Montegrotto Terme

a thermal town with an important environmental impact. A centre rich in legend, from that of ‘Berta spinning’ to the epic legend of Phaeton and the Sun. Here you can see Villa Draghi and the Butterfly Arc in particular.

Arquà Petrarca

is one of the 100 most beautiful villages in Italy, dating back to the Middle Ages. The charming Piazza Roma is overlooked by the Palazzo Contarini, the Church of S. Maria, and, in the upper part of the Borgo, the famous House of the poet Francesco Petrarca.

The house currently houses a permanent exhibition of artwork and memorabilia. Reachable by car with an organised excursion. Time of arrival: 25 min.

Monselice and Este

walled cities rich in historical sights that also provide the opportunity to experience exciting nature visits.
Not to be missed in Monselice: the Mediaeval Castle, the Cathedral, the Jubilee Sanctuary of the Seven Churches, and the path leading to Monte Ricco.
In Este, you can visit the Cathedral of Santa Tecla, Piazza Maggiore, the Atestino National Museum, and the remarkable villas surrounding the city. Reachable by car. Arrival time: 20 min.

Euganean Hills

Colli Euganei, the park authority established in 1989, is the largest park in Veneto and covers an area of 18,695 hectares. The area is interesting not only from a naturalistic point of view but also from a morphological one: the hills are formed by ancient sedimentary rocks of calcareous origin and volcanic rocks (trachytic), created following lava eruptions in the Upper Eocene period, i.e., around 40 million years ago.


Numerous wineries extend their vineyards on these hills, producing renowned wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Bianco, Moscato, and the classic Colli Euganei Bianco. Reachable by car or with an organised excursion. Arrival time: 30 min.

Cities of Art

Abano Terme is also centrally located with respect to the marvellous art cities of the Veneto region, which we invite you to visit.


The city of Padua is home to a prestigious and ancient university and boasts many testimonies of a glorious cultural and artistic past. Padua preserves one of the most extraordinary and revolutionary masterpieces of mediaeval art, The Cappella degli Scrovegni, painted by Giotto. Also known as the City of St. Anthony. Inside the chapel are the remains of the Saint.

Also worth a visit are the Orto Botanico, the Abbey of Santa Giustina, the Prato della Valle, the Specola, the Museum of Mediaeval and Modern Art, and much more. Reachable by bus whose stop is in front of our hotel, by organised excursion, or by own car. Arrival time: 20–30 min.


Due to its urban peculiarities and inestimable artistic heritage, it is universally considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The heart of the city is Piazza San Marco with the Basilica (rich in mosaics and bas-reliefs), and the Doge’s Palace stands next to the Basilica. Another symbol of the city is the Rialto Bridge, which crosses the Grand Canal.

Lastly, we would like to mention the three famous islands surrounding the Venetian lagoon: Murano (famous for blown glass), Burano (the island of lace and a thousand colours), and Torcello (the island of silence and an oasis of peace after a tour of the Venetian calli). Reachable by bus whose stop is in front of our hotels, by train from Montegrotto Terme station, or by car. Arrival time: 40–50 min.


Known as the city of Palladio, who created numerous works of architecture here in the late Renaissance. There are numerous museums, squares, and churches to visit, including Piazza dei Signori, Piazza Duomo, the Olympic Theatre, and Villa La Rotonda.

Reachable by train from Montegrotto Terme station or by car. Arrival time: 60 min.


The city is recognised worldwide for its artistic and architectural riches (among the most famous monuments are the Arena and Juliet’s House) and for its various annual events (among the most important are the opera season at the Arena and the Verona Summer Theatre).

It can be reached by organised excursions, by train from Montegrotto Terme station, or by car. Arrival time: 90 min.

Brenta Villas

Is the urban, historical, and scenic area distributed along the Naviglio (canal) of the River Brenta. The area is characterised by the presence of many villas, built between the 16th and 18th centuries by patrician Venetian families. The Venetian nobles were transported on the river by a boat called the Burchiello, pulled along the banks by men, oxen, or horses. Even today, cruising along the Riviera del Brenta is a tourist attraction.

It can be reached by organised excursions or by car. Arrival time: 90 min.